A design + product + no-code community that enables you to make better products by doing.

Continuous learning • Belonging • Accountability • All for free

People who are driven to make better products

Whether you know it or not, like it or not, believe it or not, as a maker you’re crazy enough to relentlessly work to enhance human lives. If not a dent, you at least aspire to put a scratch on the universe. If that is you, this community is for you.

Why Maker’s Guild?

Making is hard work. A number of composite skills must come together to create the magic.

It's hard to teach this alchemy. It can only be internalised, practiced and lived by. It's just the nature of the beast. So the best way to learn is by soaking yourself in an environment where making happens and where Maker's reflect on the process, tools, techniques, fundamentals, wins, mistakes & more.

Osmosis is the best way to learn this stuff. Doing all the above by yourself will be hard on you. Makers Guild aims to make it easy and affordable for you to grow leaps and bounds. Clock is ticking, customers are changing and market's are going through unprecedented times. We are left with no choice but to learn continuously, so make the most of it.

  • Driven by Science, Systems & Sense

  • Emphasis on Continuous Learning

  • Nurturing Composite Skills

  • Arsenal of Knowledge & Deep Understanding

  • Playground for Experiments

  • Challenges for Habit Formation

What to expect in Maker’s Guild?

Maker's Guild as a community is purposefully designed for your continuous learning & growth. The community experience is fueled by well thought through structure, system design and routines. A dedicated team of makers facilitate the guild so that your experience is taken care of, at all times. Your queries WILL be answered. If the answer is unknown, it WILL be found out.


Discord, FTW!

As product people, we spent enormous amount of thought process in designing the community structure to enable engagements, discussions, fun, live-streams and more.

Hosted on Discord ❤

Learning Routines of the Guild

Continuous learning is hard and needs to be tuned to the context of a person. We designed our weekly learning routines to address three aspects.

As the name mentions, learn hours are more about learning concepts, frameworks, patterns, cases around design, product & no-code. Our career hours focus on specific aspects around career growth. On the other hand, our build hours are all about making by doing.
We also run fun hours just to chill and get to know each other more.

Illustration by Julia Gnedina from Ouch!

Weekly Learn Hours

Every Tuesday at 6:30PM IST

Every Tuesday, we deep dive into strategic and tactical maker skills. Learn hours is our way of compounding our learning as a maker community. Individually and collectively we are learning from the experts and getting ready for the future of work.

We discuss first principles, core concepts, mental models, frameworks, tools, systemic aspects and more. The best part is, we keep it practical and actionable.

Weekly Career Hours

Every Wednesday at 6:30PM IST

Every Wednesday, we dive into career related questions. Career hours is our way of enhancing individual careers as a maker community. Individually and collectively we ponder about opportunities, readiness, choices and competence.

We discuss mostly why, how and what of careers. We slice and dice career cases and personal experiences around what works and what doesn't in the industry.

Weekly Build Hours

Every Thursday at 6:30PM IST

Every Thursday, we experientially learn how to bring the understanding of a concept into a reality, tangibly. The maker skill-set and tool-set is explored in breadth and depth. Every maker builds something during build hours and later apply it to their own projects or side hustles.

We discuss the capability, functionality, feature set of digital tools along with worked out examples. The build hour is kept only actionable and accountable.

Accountability in the Guild

Betterment is hard. It is easy to read a ton of material, binge watch a bunch of courses but it is hard to consistently make yourself better day after day that compounds growth.

With a committed and a like-minded tribe, betterment is easier than doing it alone. With systems and routines set for the guild, it makes it easier for everyone to be on the same page and yet harness individual max potential every single day.

Illustration by Julia Gnedina from Ouch!

Monthly Masterminds

Planning & Accountability

Last Sunday of every month, we reflect upon how the month has been, how the next month should be (plan), take up accountability, enroll in challenges and more. Personal growth is boosted via systems, tools & techniques.

Monthly Challenges

Gamified Accountability

Building habits has never been so much fun. Scientifically designed challenges help you learn and grow new skills over a period in a group setting. You will never feel alone building yourself.

Clubs & Competencies

Contribute and participate in a club that excites you.

Based on our interests and pursuit of mastery, we get drawn to a few circles. The guild enables you to go deeper into the rabbit holes. Club members volunteer to conduct their own events, workshops and everything in between.

Illustration by Julia Gnedina from Ouch!

Get feedback

Find answers quickly

When you share a question in the community, you will get an answer. Guaranteed. If we do not know the answer we will be sure to find it for you from the subject matter expert friends and the world wide web 😜

Learning Clubs

Collective Learning

Based on your interests and style of learning you could join different clubs and learn with like minded makers. Deep learning guaranteed.

Oh! that’s not it…

We have planned an amazing roadmap for Maker’s Guild for next decade. This includes Expert AMAs, Workshops, discounts on tools/courses, private networking events and more. We will keep rolling out one by one as the community grows.

It is still day one at the guild.

Illustration by Julia Gnedina from Ouch!

What the members of the guild are saying?

You don’t have to believe what we say, go talk to existing members and make informed decisions.

"A safe place to share thoughts and be open about wins, failures makes me feel there is someone to listen."

If I've clocked about 400K+ reach, made great connections, went speaking at an event & launching a live show soon it's because of this community.

Top notch initiatives that are world class - from Conduce, Book club & reviews - 6Min 54Sec (The diagrams book is lit), Channels like good finds - can't get better than this, built with a strong foundation of an intent to give that resonates & makes me feel great to be a part of it.

Accountable platform with great challenges - Rs 300 earned back from my coach is priceless, still saved the Paytm screenshot 😀

Prabhu Konchada on Sept 2020

"They're always there to answer your questions. I'm so glad that I am part of this community. Thank you for providing us this platform and helping us improve in a better way."

I was introduced to Maker's Guild because I wanted to learn Nocode but Maker's Guild is not just limited to Nocode. It's about making things. It's about making better version of yourself. The best thing about Maker's Guild is that you have the community who is there for the same reason as you. The office hours are always thought provoking. They have helped me a lot to think about myself in very different way.

#noco30d allowed me to learn Nocode faster. As Karthi would say when learning, compounding will matter a lot.

Umesh Nawathe on Sept 2020

"My experience with Maker's Guild have been nothing but positive. It was just very nice to be in a learning space with like minded people."

My most favourite experience so far has been the 30 Day No-Code Challenge. It has helped me so much, not just the learning about no-code but it has helped me become productive and build better habits.

The office hours every Tuesday are full with such rich content, I've even rewatched some of the lectures to go back and take notes.

The community is very well designed for interaction with each other and some fun challenges are always ongoing to keep the community engaged. Would highly recommend the community to all makers out there!

Sanketh Sampara on Oct 2020

"It is great to be part of a like minded group. I have seen my subconscious learning and improving even after the session is over."

Loving the same experience with nocoloco community. We throw challenges based on no code and several other topics.

Personally, I have learnt that during this stage of learning every one - a beginner and an experienced learner are on the same boat. I am glad I attended the jumpstart session (that was an eyeopener) and got motivated to be part of like minded people at nocoloco.

I have reached out to the team at several occasions and it's been wonderful learning discussing No-Code doubts.
Personally I have also benefitted from the office hours.

Kiran Nair on Oct 2020

This community is not for you

  • If you're comfortable in your current context

  • If you don’t have hunger to grow.

  • If you're complacent with your current knowledge.

  • If you think you need not work but just pay.

  • If you have a fixed mindset.

This community is for you

  • If you have a Beginner’s mind

  • If you have ambition to grow

  • If you have thirst for learning

  • If you have bias for action

  • If you have a growth mindset

Become a Member

Continuous learning at zero cost.

Free Forever

  • Commit to grow conntinuously

  • Attend Career Hours

  • Attend Learn Hours

  • Attend Build Hours

  • Ice Breakers with Community

  • Monthly Challenges & Accountability

& more...

The story behind the guild

As makers we struggled finding the right tribe, the right resources, the right mentors to help with our continuous learning. We tried for almost 36+ months in finding the right communities for the makers and failed in finding one.

So what do you do when you don't find one? You create one and the rest is history.

Makers Guild is Not for Profit

Maker's Guild is an initiative by Xperian Foundation. Makers can change the world and our current world needs them. Makers are highly paid for their sensibilities, ingenious problem solving abilities and understanding complexities of any system out there and turn an abstract idea into tangible, usable, pleasurable realities called products, services, systems, etc.

We need more of these skills for the future world and to nurture them is a lot of hard work. The funds generated by Xperian foundation will be used in the making of the makers for India 🇮🇳

We have too many problems and all we need is great problem solvers. The needed ability, ingenuity, agency is flowing in our blood in the form of Jugaad. Time to up the game and solve some of the looming wicked problems.

This needs a lot of heads, hands and deep pockets. Here is a simple attempt to give immense value, generate funds and make ingenious problem solvers from all corners of India.

Let's get started here and now!

Foundation Incorporation Certificate

Make yourself a better maker.

🥳 Thank you for joining us!

We're so excited to onboard you, shortly!

Welcome to the Guild! ⚡️
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In a 2-4 hours you will receive an email with the next set of instructions. Unless it's midnight in India 🇮🇳 (IST)

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